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Donnerstag, 21. August 2014

The Born Project started in August 2013 with the intention to create 365 portraits of more or less famous persons, day by day - daily painting, as you can see in this blog, lots of artists of course, but also other interesting persons, actress, writers, musicians and others which I like, which influenced me in my work or my doing, my behaviour...

The persons which come to my mind on their very birthday - going through the birthday lists every day, I learnt much about them and also from other persons which I haven't portrayed - I hope you had had also a bit fun following this blog.

The year is full, I got my 365 portraits or some more, some of them I sent out via Mail Art - I did not believe in myself to keep on going the project all that time, 365 days in daily painting - some days were hard, because not every day I found really a fitting person which I stand behind, other days I found several persons, so it was also hard to choose one out of the list. Not all are really good, I know, but some of them I'm a bit proud of it.

Nevertheless a first exhibition has taken place in Bad Kissingen, in April 2014, it also kept me going on. Would be nice to find another place for new exhibition. For the exhibition in Bad Kissingen I made a limited edition booklet which can be ordered for only 5 Euro plus shipping - inside 34 portraits from the project. I made also an artistamp sheet with some portraits, last but not least an artcard in memoriam Cornelius Gurlitt which I portrayed on the day he passed away.

I do not know what will come next, will I miss the daily painting? but at the moment I'm involved in my new mail art project: http://mail-art-malerwinkelhaus.blogspot.de or this one: http://bocksbeutel-mail-art.blogspot.de/

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